Back to the ARTS, all started when Sarah escaped the demands of parenting two small children on her own, while her husband worked away for long periods of time.
Having a time-out alone, some form of "self love" was well overdue, in remembering herself again and what she loved to do.
For less than a week, she ventured on a solo getaway to Hamiliton Island in Queensland, Australia. Where she came across the one and only art gallery on the island. Upon stepping inside, a painting had caught her eye and fell in love immediately.
An ocean life painting of fish swimming in the sea, with textured blues, shimmering light reflections and high gloss finish. In that exact moment, becoming lost in the painting, a voice inside said to her
'You can paint again'

Self - taught Artist, Sarah Slater is painting women with nature, so you can remember who you are, living in FULL ALIGNMENT with your TRUE SELF
Helping you navigate out of rough waters and moving any fear that is shadowing you, by creating an atmosphere of LOVE with BEWILDERING Artworks, that SPEAK TO YOUR SOUL .

Award Winning Artist, with an abundance of knowledge as to why it is important to use high quality art supplies, for longer lasting pigment value in paintings. This comes from working in a local Art Supply Store for a number of years and understanding pure pigments and layering paint . Resulting in a timeless piece for the collector. With a guarantee your investment in your art collection, will only increase in value over time.

Your sacred space is so valuable to your well-being, invested well into this area will help uplift everything in your life.


Artworks have been showcased locally in Bunbury, Western Australia and in the surrounding south west, including many art award exhibitions. 
For a look into behind the scenes and art studio check out the instagram page @sarahslaterart
where you can find the magic & follow the dancing paintbrush down into the weave of the canvas...

Also exploring another art form, POETRY,  to shift Shadows, see on instagram here -  @sarah_slater with soon to be first ever self published poetry book coming very soon.......⚔️

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